Golf Collection

There are no authoritative accounts on the origins of golf as variations of this game have been played in different places since the 13th century. The sport of GOLF as we know it originated in Scotland in the 15th century. In the 19th century the game became very popular in Great Britain before it crossed the Atlantic and became popular in the United States.  The IISOH Library seeks to develop a comprehensive collection of literature on the subject of GOLF.  The bibliographies that have been done to date indicate approximately fifteen thousand titles written in the English language. But our goal is too collect all the literature published worldwide, in every language from French to Japanese.

The IISOH Museum plans to develop a collection of historical memorabilia and art. In addition, the Museum includes all the sports facilities which are part of the educational program to study and teach the history of sport through hands-on experience and participation.  Therefore we need a golf course as part of the Museum.

Our current plan calls for a large complex where the Library and Museum will be surrounded by sports fields, playgrounds, sports and recreation facilities, and a restaurant with an outdoor cafe. We are undecided about the golf program due to the development cost and long term maintenance issues. At present we plan a small three hole course, perhaps a chip ‘n putt, unless we get a benefactor to donate the funds for a full size 18 hole golf course with an endowment that provides for future maintenance costs.

A benefactor who would donate money to develop the golf course and the endowment would have lifetime naming rights for both.  The endowment would have to be sufficient for permanent maintenance of the golf course, and a salary with benefits for one full time employee position in the library and museum for the Golf endowment who would be the head of acquisitions and research for the subject of Golf.